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Tungsten Carbide metal cutting tools for the precision engineering industry

Tungsten Carbide indexable Insert metalcutting tooling system

Tungsten Carbide Indexable Insert metalcutting tooling system Hardmet Associates have a wide range of tooling available for turning, boring, drilling, threading, parting and grooving of metals.

The milling range includes a comprehensive programme of milling cutters and inserts, together with mould and die tooling.

Manufacturing of ISO Tungsten Carbide and Cermet inserts and holders is our standard range. Special tooling to customers' designs is also part of the service with Hardmet - manufacturing inserts and tooling for OEM world class brands. We also have our own in house CVD and PVD coating facility.

Tungsten Carbide finished and preformed rotary tools

Tungsten Carbide finished and preformed rotary tools Hardmet is a preferred supplier of Tungsten Carbide performs and finished round tool products. Performs have less grind stock to remove; our preformed round tool blanks are used in the production of - coolant hole tools, endmills/slot drills, burrs, reamers, step tools and combination tools. All our rotary tool performs are either isostatically or mechanically pressed, which eliminates metallurgical imperfections.

Tungsten Carbide rod products
Solid and through hole tungsten carbide rods, cylindrical blanks and rectangular strips

Typically, the solid rods we manufacture range between Ø1.5mm and Ø40mm, with an overall length of 330mm, and are available 'as sintered' or ground h6.

Hardmet Associates' Tungsten Carbide 'though hole' rods are available in single hole, 2 holes straight or helical formats, ranging from Ø4mm (Ø6mm for 2 hole) and again with typical length of 330mm.

Tungsten Carbide finished and preformed rotary tools

Our Tungsten Carbide cylindrical blanks (to DIN lengths) are available with over 150 variants between Ø2mm and Ø32mm, and are also 'as sintered' or ground h6, to customer requirements.

Additional chamfering operations are offered should our customers require this option.

Our Tungsten Carbide rectangular strip products are manufactured with various cross sections between 2mm and 30mm and are typically 335mm long.

Many of our Tungsten Carbide rod and strip ranges are manufactured in micrograin, sub-micron and medium grain grade options, covering application areas K10 to K30, and additionally there is a P25/P40 option available by quotation.

Our standard micrograin Tungsten Carbide rod products are suitable for manufacturing rotary tooling for metalworking in steels and non ferrous materials, and for the woodworking industry. The sub-micron material is especially suited to high speed machining and the medium grain material for hardworking tools, where extra strength and stability are require - particularly on older machine tools.

What do our customers say?
"Wanted you to know that we received the special metalcutting inserts and they are terrific. Thanks very much for your great help."
Tony Evans, Tooling Specialist
"Have received the tungsten carbide nozzles they look great and your deliveries are excellent, well done!"
Karin Hjort
"The composite hammers you designed and manufactured for us are working well beyond our expectations. Thanks to all at Hardmet Associates Ltd."
Dave Rawnsley
"The pre-brazed tungsten carbide saw tips, produced by Hardmet Associates, are the best we've ever had. They braze extremely well, and saw life has improved significantly."
Simon Woods