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Our extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of Tungsten Carbide & Technical (Industrial) Ceramic components enables us to evaluate solutions for the most troublesome areas of your business, by thoroughly examining components and mechanisms and then specifying and manufacturing the most cost-effective ultra-hard materials solution to exactly meet your needs.

Together, we work to create lasting solutions for your needs and a lasting relationship with you, our customer.

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Tungsten Carbide - the material with staying power

The most valuable property of Tungsten Carbide is that it offers a safer and more dependable solution than any other material to one of the toughest problems which engineers have to content with - reliability.

Tungsten Carbide - the most useful 'hard material' for a wide variety of industrial applications

The term 'hard materials' refers to materials harder than the hardest steel. The hardest of these is diamond, followed by cubic boron nitride and ceramics. After these comes Tungsten Carbide - currently the most important technical hard material, covering a wide range of hardness and toughness combinations.

Tungsten Carbide for wear resistance

Reliability is often a problem associated with wear - and wear resistance is the most outstanding feature of Tungsten Carbide. If the material also has to withstand deformation, impact, heavy load, high pressure, corrosion and high temperature, Tungsten Carbide is often the only material which can fulfil these requirements satisfactorily.

Tungsten Carbide for metal cutting, rock drilling and general tooling & engineering applications

It has long been a well-known fact that the use of Tungsten Carbide provides an optimal solution in the case of tools for metal cutting and rock drilling.

Over the years, Tungsten Carbide has also proven its superiority in a great number of other tooling and engineering applications.

Tungsten Carbide for industrial equipment and consumer products

Looking at industrial equipment and consumer products in general, failures are often caused by the breakdown of a single component or structure. The solution may well be to switch to a high-performance Tungsten Carbide part.

Tungsten Carbide design solutions

Experience shows that optimal design solutions result from the close cooperation of engineers from the end-use industry and the Tungsten Carbide manufacturer. The best results are always obtained when these contacts have been established at an early stage in the development project - when it is still possible to adjust the design and take full advantage of the unique properties of Tungsten Carbide.

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"Wanted you to know that we received the special metalcutting inserts and they are terrific. Thanks very much for your great help."
Tony Evans, Tooling Specialist
"Have received the tungsten carbide nozzles they look great and your deliveries are excellent, well done!"
Karin Hjort
"The composite hammers you designed and manufactured for us are working well beyond our expectations. Thanks to all at Hardmet Associates Ltd."
Dave Rawnsly
"The pre-brazed tungsten carbide saw tips, produced by Hardmet Associates, are the best we've ever had. They braze extremely well, and saw life has improved significantly."
Simon Woods